JC-MNN Series

PA / PET Monofilament Line

JC-MNN series monofilament extrusion line designed with two-stage-drawing and single stage heat setting. The line is specially conceived to process polyamide (PA6, 6.6), polyester (PET), and polypropylene (PP).

Technical Data

MODEL Applicable Material Screw Diameter Filament Dia. Range Extrusion Capacity
JC-MNN50   Ø 50 mm 0.12 - 1.00 mm 35 kg/hr
JC-MNN55 PA / PET Ø 55 mm 0.12 - 1.00 mm 50 kg/hr
JC-MNN65   Ø 65 mm 0.12 - 3.50 mm 75 kg/hr
JC-MNN80   Ø 80 mm 0.50 - 3.50 mm 120 kg/hr


Fishing Net
Fishing Line
Awning Cloth
Sewing Thread
Toothy Brush
Industrial Brush
Zip Fastener
Agriculture / Horticulture Nettings
Brush & Broom
Other Industrial Purpose

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